Silver & Gold Podcast

A place for Girl Scout adults to connect, grab great ideas, share cool stuff, and feel like you're never alone, because you've always got friends - new or old - silver and gold. 

Every episode includes lots of encouragement, ideas you can use (and the resources to back them up - here, on the website), and often special guests who have "been there, done that" to share their experiences.

Join the conversation - in your car, while you're washing the dishes, out for a walk, or wherever life takes you.

OMG. SUBSCRIBED SO HARD. I have been DYING for a podcast like this!
— Elizabeth, Silver & Gold listener

Your Hostess

Stacie is an amazing consultant and very knowledgable about all things Girl Scouts!
— Mary, Silver & Gold listener and council executive staff
Stacie is a wealth of knowledge. All troop leaders should take advantage of this podcast.
— Tanya, Silver & Gold listener and training attendee

Hey there! I'm Stacie - your Hostess with the Mostest at the Silver & Gold podcast. I'm super duper passionate about making sure Girl Scout volunteers and staff have the resources they need to create the most impactful experience for girls. When you're prepared and have great resources, you're confident. And when you're confident, girls see you as the ultimate role model (plus you're not feeling frantic all the time). So, I've got your back. I'm here to help.

What I bring to the table: A degree in Youth Programming & Camp Management, partial MBA in Leadership, 10 years experience as a professional Girl Scout at 5 different councils, plus experience as a Troop Leader, Camp Counselor, Delegate, Board Member, and Trainer. 

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